Shirley Temple at the Cow Palace

Today marks a year after the world lost the iconic Shirley Temple.

“When many think of Shirley Temple, they imagine a bright-eyed, spirited little darling with curly hair and an endearing smile..or maybe just the beverage. Regardless, Shirley Temple, had a life that far exceeded her childhood acting career and many of her achievements, though not widely known, are worth acknowledging.

Shirley Temple began acting at the young age of 3 and retired completely from films at 22 in 1950. She peaked in her performance career before her thirteenth birthday, and though her later work didn’t attract the attention and acclaim as films like “Bright Eyes” or “The Little Princess”, she remained an small, eternal light that shone through the Depression, giving hope to film-goers across the country.

However, Shirley Temple remained an active public servant throughout the remaining 64 years of her life. Whether appearing in pop culture, running for public office, or raising breast cancer awareness, there is still much that fans don’t realize about the child star from her signature style and career through her lesser known adulthood.”

And one little known fact:She and her daughter Lori visited The Beatles backstage at The Cow Palace at the start of their 1964 North American tour.

Beatles, Shirley Temple Black & daughter Lori (Rm17) August 1964

*via The Examiner


Throwback Thursday : September 1, 1996

The circus is almost back in town! 

So for this Throwback Thursday, we’re taking it back to September 1,1996. 


Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus will be back at the end of the month from August 28th-September 1st at the Cow Palace! You can get your tickets now at our Box Office or online at Ticketmaster

Throwback Thursday : Dolly Parton

Do you remember when Dolly Parton performed here at the Cow Palace with Kenny Rogers?

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from December 29th, 1984 – Kenny & Dolly.

dolly kenny

We thought it’d be fitting with the recent Great American Country’s special  “Backstory  featuring Dolly Parton”.

Dolly Parton is a world-class actress, best-selling author, dedicated philanthropist and a savvy businesswoman who’s been charting her own course for decades. But before life in the spotlight, Parton lived a humble life in the Smoky Mountains. Great American Country’s Backstory gives you an inside look at Parton’s rise to fame and her myriad endeavors as a country music star.

Many people know Parton for her music, but Dollywood is almost as much of an institution as Parton herself, especially in East Tennessee. Her theme and water parks attract thousands of visitors and celebrities every year.


* via Great American Country

Throwback Thursday : Warriors

Who remembers the Warriors playing at the Cow Palace?

The Warriors had purchased land in San Francisco’s Mission Bay area this year which means they will be returning to The City.

With a little digging, we found a SF Chronicle clipping of the first mention of a local SF basketball team — stating the Cow Palace as the arena.

Enjoy this little throwback!



Also, here’s a look at where the new arena will be :



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