Horse Swirlology – What do you think?

Interesting posted by Chuck Nifong who shared Beadle Lake Large Animal Clinic’s status.
….Many of people have ask over the years …. What does the Swirl mean, well here you go. My Grandfather taught me this many years ago and I have found it to be TRUE
Swirlology 101- (whorl patterns). Have you ever wondered what the whorl pattern on your horse’s forehead means. Some old timers have said it can be the gateway to the soul. See if you agree.

A swirl located between the eyes indicates an easy going, uncomplicated horse.

Swirls higher on the forehead indicate intelligence and a more reactive nature.

Long swirls, especially those that extend below the eye indicate a friendly and agreeable nature.

Multiple swirls can indicate multiple personalities. High and tight side by side swirls can mean a horse that is super focused and talented, but challenging and difficult in the wrong hands.

2 swirls on top of each other can mean extreme personality swings and unpredictability.

Multiple swirls that form a Z pattern can signal a horse that is dangerous and violent.

The direction that the whorl turns can tell you if the horse is right or left “handed” (or hoofed) . If the whorl flows counterclockwise it is left “handed”. If the whorl flows clockwise it is right “handed”. Tell us any other wives tales you have heard about whorl patterns.

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Throwback Thursday: Gary Leffew at GNR


“Damm it’s hard to believe it was 50 years ago at the Cow Palace in San Francisco I rode this 2400 pound bull , now watching bull riders I coach win Championships is my payback for living Lavita Loca !!!!!!!!”

~ Gary Leffew – BullridersOnly

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Flashback Friday: 1960s Steer Show

Let’s flashback¬†to the Grand National Rodeo, Horse and Livestock Show Steer Show back in the 60’s.

Gus Settrini exhibited the grand champion feeder calf pen.

Stop by the GNR at the Cow Palace and see how cattle have changed.

Opening night is tonight!


Arabian Horse Costume Class at GNR

The Arabian Horse will be showcased next weekend Friday, October 24th and Saturday, October 25th at the Grand National Rodeo at Cow Palace.


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Check out the schedule for Opening night of Grand National Livestock Exposition :

opening sched

And click here for the full preliminary schedule to plan your trip to the Cow Palace for Grand National!

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Clydesdale Facts

Grand National starts THIS Friday!

Here are some interesting facts courtesy of the Official Hitch The Cal Crush Clydesdales that will be at Grand National.

Each horse eats their weight in hay a month. About 2000 Lbs.
Each horse costs about 275.00 to have new shoes put on. That’s right and they are not even designer shoes.




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