Say Cheese!

1, 2, 3, “Cheese” *moooo*


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What do you think? : Coca Cola Making Milk

Coca-Cola got a lot of attention in November when it announced that it was going into the milk business. Not just any milk, mind you: nutritious, reformulated supermilk.


It also invited ridicule. “It’s like they got Frankenstein to lactate,” scoffed Stephen Colbert on his show. “If this product doesn’t work out, they can always re-introduce Milk Classic.”

In fact, the idea for New Milk didn’t come from Coca-Cola at all. It emerged from a huge, high-tech dairy farm in Indiana.

That dairy, called Fair Oaks Farms, doubles as America’s one and only dairy theme park, a bit of Americana that interrupts a monotonous stretch of Interstate 65 between Chicago and Indianapolis.

It grabs the attention of drivers with a series of tank trucks parked broadside like billboards in fields beside the highway. Painted on the tanks are cryptic messages: “We Dairy You To Exit 200.” Then: “We Double Dairy You.” The final tank truck has two huge fiberglass cows mounted on top of it.

The pitch may be goofy, but the farm is serious business. It’s one of the biggest and most sophisticated dairies in the country, and it is home to 37,000 cows, divided among 11 different milking operations.


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The Great American Milk Drive

Families that depend on Feeding America food banks receive less than one gallon of milk per person, per year. Make this holiday memorable and give the gift of milk to those in need. For every share of this video, a gallon of milk will be donated to a local food bank.

Feeding America will match each donation Gallon-for-Gallon through December 31st.


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Dairy Facts

California really has the “Dairy State of Mind”.

– 99% of California dairy farms are family owned.

– Nearly 43% of all California milk goes to make California cheese.

– California is home to more than 1,500 dairy farms.


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