Throwback Thursday: Gary Leffew at GNR


“Damm it’s hard to believe it was 50 years ago at the Cow Palace in San Francisco I rode this 2400 pound bull , now watching bull riders I coach win Championships is my payback for living Lavita Loca !!!!!!!!”

~ Gary Leffew – BullridersOnly

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Good bye 2014, Hello 2015!

Happy New Year from the Cow Palace!


We’re ready for everything ahead in 2015.

Happy MOO Year everyone!





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What do you think? : Coca Cola Making Milk

Coca-Cola got a lot of attention in November when it announced that it was going into the milk business. Not just any milk, mind you: nutritious, reformulated supermilk.


It also invited ridicule. “It’s like they got Frankenstein to lactate,” scoffed Stephen Colbert on his show. “If this product doesn’t work out, they can always re-introduce Milk Classic.”

In fact, the idea for New Milk didn’t come from Coca-Cola at all. It emerged from a huge, high-tech dairy farm in Indiana.

That dairy, called Fair Oaks Farms, doubles as America’s one and only dairy theme park, a bit of Americana that interrupts a monotonous stretch of Interstate 65 between Chicago and Indianapolis.

It grabs the attention of drivers with a series of tank trucks parked broadside like billboards in fields beside the highway. Painted on the tanks are cryptic messages: “We Dairy You To Exit 200.” Then: “We Double Dairy You.” The final tank truck has two huge fiberglass cows mounted on top of it.

The pitch may be goofy, but the farm is serious business. It’s one of the biggest and most sophisticated dairies in the country, and it is home to 37,000 cows, divided among 11 different milking operations.


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Abundant California rain aids rangelands, fills stock ponds

All the rain that’s fallen on California is doing wonders for rangelands, but livestock producers are still relying on supplemental feed. Much more rain will be needed for ranchers to start replacing animals that were sold off because of the drought.
RED BLUFF, Calif. — All the rain that’s fallen on Northern California in December has done wonders for rangelands, but it’s still too soon for ranchers to start planning for the end of drought conditions.

Ranchers are still supplementing feed with baled hay and other grains, even as fields and hillsides are lush and green as a result of precipitation that has approached records in some areas.

“After the years of drought we’ve had, it’s nice to actually have a fall like this,” said Josh Davy, a University of California Cooperative Extension livestock advisor here.

The abundant rains not only help the grass grow but also fill stock ponds, Davy said.

“We’ve had enough rain that there’s been some runoff and we’ve started to see these ponds fill up, which is crucial to winter grazing,” said Sunol, Calif., rancher Tim Koopmann, the California Cattlemen’s Association’s immediate past president. “At my place, we’ve had 9.3 inches of rain since the first of November.”

Three years of drought have taken their toll on forage lands throughout California, but annual grasslands have shown tremendous improvement lately, Koopmann said. The grass still has high water content, but it will gain nutritional value in a few weeks as it starts to harden, he said.

Aiding in the growth have been relatively warm temperatures, as most lower elevations have recorded “100-degree days” in which afternoon highs and nighttime lows add up to more than 100 degrees, aiding the soil, Koopmann said.

While Northern California has seen plentiful rainfall, precipitation in the Central Valley and areas south has varied, noted Mark Lacey, a CCA board member who runs cattle on several properties south of Fresno.

A property in the foothills near Visalia has received nearly 8 inches of rain this fall, while another at the south end of the valley has gotten about an inch and a half, he said.

“It’s starting to respond depending on where it’s at and how much rain it’s had,” Lacey said of the rangeland.

The rainy fall and early winter comes as cattle have been moved to lower elevations. The weather has helped fields, too, as rain has aided the emergence of a wheat crop of which 80 percent was rated good or excellent, the National Agricultural Statistics Service reported.

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Merry Christmas from the Cow Palace!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Enjoy these photos!


christmas cow1


Cow Xmas

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