Cute Acorn Treats

You don’t need to be a squirrel to enjoy these little acorn treats!

They’re perfect for any autumn or holiday gatherings you have.



All you need are 4 ingredients and some time to put the pieces together.


– Peanut Butter Cracker Bites
– Chocolate Kisses
– Mini Chocolate Chips
– Peanut butter


– Separate some Peanut Butter Cracker Bites with some peanut butter on both sides (that’s going to be your glue for the chocolate kisses to stick).
– Unwrap enough Chocolate Kisses to match with all the split up bites.
– Stick one chocolate kiss to each half of a bite.
– Stick a mini chocolate chip with a small bit of peanut butter to the center of the outer bite.
– Plate them and watch them disappear like you invited a bunch of squirrels over!

*Acorn Treats photo via:

* Recipe from our blogger


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